Niels Bohr International Academy workshop on

Solid state quantum information systems 


25 June  - 6 July 2007. 

Program now available

Organizers: Karsten Flensberg and Anders S. Sørensen

The workshop will focus on the possibilities of forming quantum information devices in the realm of solid state systems, such as e.g. quantum dots formed in two-dimensional electron gases, nanowires, or self-assembled quantum dots. The important research themes are the various mechanisms for electrical or optical control of the quantum states as well as the issues of quantum coherence times. Moreover, also the integration of solid state qubits and quantum optical systems is a key subject for the workshop.

The participants will have offices in the Niels Bohr International Academy building (next to the Niels Bohr Institute in the former Nordita building). Seminars given by the participants will be arranged during the workshop.

Confirmed invited participants:
Ulrik Lund Andersen(Danish Technical University)
Guido Burkard (Aachen)
Marcus Büttiker (Geneva)
Atac Imamoğlu (Zürich)
Steve Girvin (Yale)
Leo Kouwenhoven (Delft)
Peter Lodahl (Danish Technical University)
Daniel Loss (Basel)
Mikhail Lukin (Harvard)
Yuri Makhlin (Landau Institute)
Charlie Marcus (Harvard)
Peter Rabl (Innsbruck)
Jake Taylor (MIT)
Peter Samuelsson (Lund)
Alexander Shnirman (Karlsruhe)
Susanna Yelin (Univ Connecticut)

Anna Maria Rey 

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