ISIS Course Homepages - introduction

Danish version

ISISk is a new web system, which is designed to make communication between teachers and students and in between students more easy. The idea is to create a simple, but functional system, which gives the course homepages a common look and offers the same functionality, thereby making it easy and more effective to use for all involved.

We have identified a number of needs that most teachers and students have, and tried to fulfill these in the present version of ISISk. This does not mean, however, that the system will not be developed further in the future, because new input is expected from teachers and students which we will be happy to implement. The present version is actually developed this way from a pilot project involving a number of physics and nanotechnology courses during 2002-2003. A lot of suggestions from teachers and students have beed implemented.

ISISk is fully integrated with other IT systems in use at KU. These include Punkt KU, SIS (Courses), and ISIS (Person and Institute information system), and this, of course, gives a number of advantages e.g. that one is able to use the "Punkt KU PIN code" to log on. The layout of ISISk also follows the layout dictated by KU.

ISISk is a relatively open system. Everyone is able to look at homepage (unless the course administrator explicitely disables this feature), but features which require active participation (uploading assignments to the teacher etc.) will only be available if the student has signed up for the course.
You ca easily make your own homepage (A Net Place), where your group can share files, send emails a have a discussion forum.

About this Manual

How to use the Course Homepage/Net Place:
As student or participant the relevant pages in this Manual are the following: "Generally about the Homepage" and underafsnittet "The structure of the Homepage".
As teacher you can get a quick introduction to how to use a Course Homepage in your lessons in the section "Use of Course Homepage as teacher".

How to edit the Homepage:
If you want to know more about how you produce the Homepage's content, how you change the content etc. these are the relevant sections: "Editing the Homepage", "The editing page's structure", "Editing - icons and shortcuts" and "Editing - type of nodes".

Administration of the Homepage:
The Course Homepage's/Net Place's information about administrators, teachers, language, faculty etc. can be changed at the Admin site. Read the section "Administration of the Homepage" for more information.

Alternative Manuals

At the Niels Bohr Institut there is another Manual, that is easier to print than this version. The Manual is not quite up to date but contains most of the information you kan find in this Manual. Read the Manual here.

Institut for Idræt has also made a manual in word format. It is available here.

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